Natural History Goals

We’ve just returned from a 12-day camping trip, visiting west Texas and the southern reaches of New Mexico, Arizona, and California. On this trip, wedged between two birding tours to South America, we reached a milestone that has me thinking about the various natural history goals that Eileen and I have had over the years. […]

The Great Basin Revisited

After leaving the Huachuca Mountains in southeast Arizona, we got a cell signal for the first time in several days, and upon seeing the number of messages left by Eileen’s siblings while we were incommunicado, we knew that there was a family emergency. One evening after dinner, Eileen’s father, age 91, lost consciousness and never […]

Prairie Retrospective

Although earlier blog posts have covered our prairies trip in some detail, the purpose of this post is to provide a higher-level perspective on our trip as a whole, and to make recommendations for others touring the prairies. I normally impose on myself a 1000-word limit, for readability, but have allowed this one to go […]