The Dempster Highway (Part 1)

We crossed from Alaska back into the Yukon Territory on July 27, via the very scenic Top of the World Highway, which provides good access to high, dry tundra. Just before reaching the Yukon River, we visited Orchid Acres, a phenomenal protected area containing thousands of Spotted Lady’s-Slippers, Cypripedium guttatum. Like the plants we had […]

West to Anchorage

After leaving British Columbia on the Cassiar Highway, we reached the Alaska Highway in the Yukon Territory (YT). An overnight stay in Watson Lake, YT to do errands was not very successful, though I did at least get the previous blog post published, while camped under an active and very noisy Common Raven nest! Proceeding […]

Eleven Degrees of Latitude

Despite being only the third largest province of Canada, British Columbia is more than twice the size of California. The western 2000 miles of the U.S.-Canada boundary lies on the 49th parallel, and the three sparsely populated Canadian territories (Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut) have 60 degrees as their southern boundary, hence British Columbia spans […]

North to the Border

Having finished our loop back through southern California for wildflower displays, we started heading north on April 8, with a goal of crossing into Canada on May 5, when we had a ferry reservation from Port Angeles, WA to Vancouver Island, BC. We spent our first night in Morgan Hill with Rob, Tam, and Sierra […]